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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That's Gonna Leave A Stain

Lately, as part of my new eating regimen, I've been consuming things made with splenda/artificial sweetners in-lieu of sugar. And in the past three weeks, I've noticed many changes in myself. Yes, I've lost some weight, but in return for what?
Okay, I know I said I would write only positive things, but I'm not really complaining, I'm just revealing some of my observations, in myself. This doesn't apply to all. However, I did look it up on the internet and some of my signs and symptoms are listed in some articles and some other sites where people have complained. Like anything else, everyone's reaction to anything is completely personal and should be taken with a grain of salt. Some may have no reaction, while others do.
Anyway, back to my use of artificial sweetners. I've been trying to lose weight. And I started off with slim-fast and also the modified atkins diet. The one that has really gotten me to start losing weight is adding vegetables to my diet and eating more organic foods (thanks to Whole Foods down the street from the library). Anyway, to get rid of some of those eating urges, I've allowed myself some sweets provided they are made with artificial sweetners. And for the first week I didn't notice any changes. However, moving towards the end of the second week I noticed that i felt bloated (is this what women feel when they are cramping?). It's this feeling of fullness and also like something lives inside your stomach, something with the consistency of Jabba the Hut. And then a round the clock feeling of needing to pass gas. Now this is the tricky part. It's a feeling of needing to pass the gas, but the premonition that it's not just going to be gas that passes, but a little fecal matter too. So not only do you have to go to the bathroom whenever you want to fart, but you have to also remove your pants and underwear and sit in the defecation position (so as not to possibly soil anything or leave stains). And it's not just a little fecal material but a sort of mucous like consistency, like your ass just blew its nose. I'm getting a little grossed out, let's go back to my original story...
Anyway, for me I guess my gastro-intestinal system can't bear artificial sweetners and as of today, will be throwing out all the stuff with artificial sweetners in it. Woes me! However, Whole Foods does have a variety of healthy snacks like sesame sticks and chips made with vegetables and low fat stuff. I'm going to have to go with the organic stuff now. Nothing unnatural anymore.
And certainly no "racing" stripes left to wash out.


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