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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Look Ma, I'm On TV

I was watching "Fox and Friends" this the story goes and before I go into a tirany of how I was unimpressed by story presentation, I would like to say something about the people who stand in the window to call friends and say "tune to Fox, I'm on t.v.".
What? So? You do know that forty million (do they have that many viewers?) are also seeing you take your cell phone out, call your friends, and wave. What is the actual thrill? I personally never liked having my picture taken (the flash leaves shadows in certain places that make me look like an oompa-loompa). And then to be on television, where the camera adds 10 pounds. I can understand if you are being interviewed, or your standing beside Al Roker when he gets in touch with a viewing audience on New York's streets. But come on, standing outside a building, peering into a window and then calling your friends to say "look at me". Send them a digital pic thru email, or use your cell phone to send them a pic!
I think I have to take a day off from studying, cause I'm looking back at my last few entries and they are nothing but a litany of complaints! I need to mellow, don't I?
On the bright side, I did have an awesome hummus sandwich at First Watch in Sarasota. Very good! I'm trying to eat more vegetables (as per Saritha). I had a so-so Cesar salad for dinner at a different restaurant. But the hummus sandwich rocked my world (who says that phrase anymore?). I'm going back to have another one later this week. It was that good!
I know that I haven't said Happy Birthday to anyone in awhile. So in case I miss writing before the 24th, I would like to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Regina Alvarez! Miss ya chick!


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