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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Politically Incorrect

The other day I was watching the news, well not really the news, the sensational news. I know that Saritha and I have discussed "the news". Anyway, it was on my dinner break, so I turned on the television. One of those "sensational" news programs was on. I remember a few years ago, how I use to watch it. It seemed like a pretty good show back then. I haven't really watched it since then because my television time has been cut down by more productive activities.

Anyway, it seemed like one of those "Saturday Night Live" skits. You know, you don't really know where they are going. And you just want them to end. Some of their stories just seem to have no point. As sensational as they were trying to make them, it just didn't seem like "news". On top of that, while reporting about a guy who admittedly killed his girlfriend, one of the correspondents actually used the word "whacko". I was thinking, could you not think of a better adjective than that? Coudl you not draw up a word to reflect that you did go to journalism school, college or even high school.

Once again I was disappointed in the way that a story was presented. It could have been a lot more attention grabbing, cause the story did have all the elements of a soon to be Lifetime Television For Women movie. But some not so thorough investigation left one to wonder, "what was the point to this story again"? And I'm sure you are wondering, what was the point to my entry.


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