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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Camping, Not Just To Catch Fish Anymore

All the hoop-la on the protesters in Crawford, Texas has gone way overboard. First of all, I don't know what this woman was trying to achieve. If anything, she is going to pose a security threat on the President. I think when they said she was "camping", it was a nicer way of saying that she was "stalking". Let's face it, if she wanted a meeting with him, she could have gone through the right channels. With the tragedies that happened to her, especially because one of them war related, I'm sure the president would have seen her. But she went a bit far by going to his summer home and camping out in neighbor's yards. I would personally be a little cautious about someone staked out in my neighbor's yard, waiting to see me. It doesn't have the same romantic notion of John Cusak holding a boombox above his head blaring "In Your Eyes" for Ione Skye.
I know that protesting has been a way to get media attention. But sometimes I've felt it's the wrong type of attention and in the end you end up alienating interested members or scaring off potential recruits. Just because something is loud, doesn't necessarily mean the message is going to get across. A child can throw the biggest temper tanturm, but for the most part won't achieve what they really want--undivided attention.
I'm glad that they have decided to pack up their tents and go. Maybe the poor town can now get it's peace and quiet. And that big mess of tents along the road, definitely a traffic hazard.


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