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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Say My Name, Say My Name

Today I got a call from what could possibly be the worse telemarketer ever!!! This person was calling for Discover Card, I think trying to get me to sign up for one or something. Anyway, he first got past the anti-telemarketing code for our phone (so much for that service--it works like this, if the system doesn't recognize your number, it will ask for some identifying things and then let you through, so hopefully we have the info on file and I can see what I can do about making sure their calls never go thru again). First the guy asked to speak to Angel Coniko. I was like, I'm Angel, but who are you asking for? He then spelled my last name out--"C-I-N-C-O". I informed him that he was grossly mispronouncing my name, to which he apologized and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Coniko, how do you pronounce it". By then he had already lost me. Twice, mispronouncing it, after I informed him he was not pronouncing it correctly. Does the name look like it's pronounced Coniko? "HELLO! Have you heard of 'Hooked on Phoenics'? This product has helped millions of kids learn to read!
So I got really irritated and told him I wasn't interested in whatever it was he was pedaling, to which he then said "I'm a representative for Discover, Mr Coniko". I said I wanted to be taken off their calling list pronto and said good-bye. In his credit, he did say "I'm sorry and have a good day and that he would take me off the list". So he did have manners!
Had he pronounced my name correctly, I could have been charging some gasoline on that new Discover card! I certainly can't pay cash for gas anymore.


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