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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's Left?

Yesterday I watched Tyra Banks new talk show. She is a fascinating woman--with her reality show about top models, her success as a model and now as a talk show host.
What disturbed me about the latest topic of her show, was her breast. Not that her breast disturb me--they are quite beautiful, but the fact that people are so obsessed with their authenticity. Supposedly there is another blog out there with the topic, "the mystery of Tyra Banks' breast". So what? She's beautiful and she's successful. Why do we always seem to try and bring down a person's success with something negative. Breast implants aren't something negative, but do we have to spoil Banks' success or find something about her to hopefully divert her success and change it so that we can feel that she really didn't deserve it all?
I think she deserves a round of applause because she proved once and for all, that her breast were authentically hers. She took off her push-up bra and even jiggled them on air for everyone. She went as far as showing a sonogram of her breast. I'm sure this wasn't enough. Someone else will be saying that it was all stage. So the mystery will never end.


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