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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Shape of Things

I've realized that I really have to get into shape. I know I've been saying this, wrote about my diets and exercise routines in many blog entries. Wow, it's almost like I'm obsessed with weight and body size. Let's face it, in some ways I am. But I'm also a big fan of eating--cheesecakes, pizzas, fried foods and Funyuns dipped in cheddar cheese. So along with the fact that I'm trying to get thin, I also like eating.
In the past, I've written about liquid diet meal replacements that tasted like chalk. I've talked about proportions and leaving carbs out of meals. I've talked about how many times a day to eat and what not to eat. I've talked about deprivation and starvation. All those things. None of them really worked. The only thing that really worked was exercise.
So two weeks ago I hopped back on the treadmill. I was doing two miles a day, at a fast paced walking speed. Now, I'm running one mile and walking the other two. Next week I hope to be running two and then walking one. And then hopefully I'll be running three--slowly building up to wherever my body allows. I told my sister-in-law Beth that I will help her train for this Charleston, West Virginia 15 mile run. I'm not saying that I'll complete it, but I'm really going to try to.
This whole thing was spawned by the fact that I put on an old yellow (it was really that color, it didn't fade to a yellow, nor did body secretions create the hue) and the way it fell on my chest made me look like I had man-breast. It was quite shocking. Not the gynectomastia man breast due to hormonal imbalance, but the man breast due to just a globular layer of fat. Plain and simple--it was disgusting. So I vowed then and there to get rid of them.
As usual I'll let you know how things go and I'll tell you whether or not I've completed the 15 mile race which will occur in August 2006.
My niece celebrates her birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Jada!!!!


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