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Sunday, September 18, 2005


I was watching the Filipino Channel--which I normally don't because I can't stand the programming for the past few days because one of my cousins said they were going to be on it. So I've been patiently waiting for his interview to happen, and it looks like it's going to be played next week our time, since he was on this week their time.
Anyway, there is this really tacky commerical for phone cards (those long distance prepaid things) to call the Philippines from the U.S. This commercial has some guy/girl thing with really red-hair (huge curls placed on top of his head) wearing what looks like a hand-knit scarf (I think it was made by one of those toy sewing machings), he is wearing a yellow jacket and green plaid pants standing in front of a poorly replicated Mount Rushmore and Statue of Liberty, singing or poorly trying to convince viewers to buy this card. Why on earth would they portray someone from the U.S. wearing something like that? Come to think of it, whenever this channel has portrayed someone or a scene supposedly taking place in the U.S., they always have winter clothes on or they are wearing something from Disney.
There is more to this country than scarves and winter clothes. And certainly better taste than the winter clothes this commercial or some of these shows portray Americans wearing. Just watch the O.C.--talk about fashion. And in the 90's, it was the show "Friends" that showed fashion!!!
I think they should just stick to what they know. Stories about a poor person, falling in love with a rich person and the happily ever after that happens at the end. It's always a happily ever after. And it always involved someone getting slapped, the boy crying more than the girl, and a huge profession of love.
I am writing negatively again aren't I? I think I need my dose of Saritha conversation. It usually works to get the kinks out and then I'm fairly normal again. I'll call her sometime this week!!! Then I'll write semi-normal blog entries again!
I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my niece Jada Bohn, who turns 8 tomorrow. And I would like to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Csilla Linsky M.D., who celebrated her birthday yesterday!


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