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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Crime and Time

The boy who hacked into a computer system to get Paris Hilton's cell account was sentenced recently. I'm not sure how long he stays in a juvenile detention, but from what I read and understood, he isn't to have access to a computer, the internet or cell phone during the time he is serving out his sentence.
Very little punishment for his crime. Not only did he post Paris Hilton's personal stuff on-line, but he also used the internet to send bomb threats to schools. And then on top of this, his name is being kept out of the public to protect him. Did he protect Paris when he posted all her personal information on-line? Did he protect the rights of students and other school affiliated personel when he had bomb threats made to certain schools?
I think he got off pretty easy. I remember a story about a juvenile deliquent in one of the Asia countries who got whacked with a bamboo stick for spray painting public property. The embassy argued that the boy shouldn't be punished that way because it was cruel and inhumane. The Asian county's court upheld that since he did the crime in their country and was currently living in their country, he would be punished like one of their citizens. And he received his allotted whacks!!! I'm not sure where I was going with this...but it was an interesting insert wasn't it?
Anyway, this person who did all this stuff, hacking and then the threats, got off pretty easily. What would make someone call in those threats to the schools, knowing what kind of security problems this country was having?
He certainly posted enough of Paris Hilton on the net, exploiting her name. Why does his name get protected?


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