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Friday, September 23, 2005

Moving On

I think Jennifer Aniston said it best concerning paparazzi (did I spell that correctly?) when she stated that she has moved on with her life, the paparazzi should too. Frankly I'm a little sick of seeing a tearful Jennifer and a badly dyed blonde Brad and smirking Angela on magazine covers. Let's face it, the story has run it's ground. I like one of the latest headlines, "George Clooney denies Pitt-Jolie rumor". How can you "deny" a rumor? A rumor can't be denied, it can either be validated or thrown in the trash.
Now we've got Kate Moss making headlines for something she does in her private life. Enough already with what people do behind closed doors--that's their business. I learned in psychiatry that what people do behind closed doors is their business, it's only an illness/disorder if what they do bothers/disturbs/infiltrates other peoples lives. And really, she hasn't disturbed other people's lives with her actions.
Many of these journalist need to get lives. Many of us readers need to get lives---are ours so boring that we need to ridicule another's in order to feel better about our own? Let's face it, many of us would quickly change places with what we deem exciting--fame, celebrity and a jet setting lifestyle. But if the tables were turned, would we want our trash searched our children photographed and our grocery list known to millions of people. I certainly wouldn't want people to know that I purchase "Funyuns and cheese dip" everytime I go to the grocery store--or be photographed shoving them down my throat in a shark-feeding frenzy. My own weight obsession isn't something that I would like plastered on some magazine.
I say, lets fix our own lives first. Then we can start peeking over the fence at other people's lives.


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