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Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Blunder

My friend brought over the DVD for Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer, Shrek 3, and Oceans Thirteen. Yes, we are a little behind as far as movies go, but with good reason.

Anyway, I enjoyed all three movies. The bachelor party scene in Fantastic Four shoved me back in time to a memory I haven't thought for awhile. This post will be a pseudo confesional--so imagine me in one of those reality show tell all rooms with a bright light shining on face and showing the oil on my nose and forehead. This really isn't a good confession, but I've gotta get it off my chest.

A couple years ago one of my female friends invited me to her wedding. I had grown up with her--we've been friends since kindergarten. Plus she asked me to be an usher and do a reading. I felt important so I made plans to go.

A few days before the wedding, her fiance called me and invited me to come a few days early to join in the festivities of his bachelor party. I had only met him once at one of her family gatherings. I was skeptical about going, but had nothing else to do. And he had told me that the rooms had been paid for, I was more than welcome to bunk up with one of his buddies. The topper was that his best man had paid for everything, including the open bar.

And the bachelor party went off without a hitch. Nothing too outrageous and nothing that would dictate getting shots of penicillin. The next evening I was having dinner with my friend and some of her relatives. She asked me if anything crazy happened at the bachelor party. I ignored the question and changed the subject.

Later on in the evening, she asked me again about the bachelor party. She swore up and down that she wasn't the jealous type, that she knew that guys got crazy. She kept pestering me and pestering me. She asked if there were strippers there--so I said yes there was and that one had given her fiance a lap dance. And then she goes, "see, I don't care".

It was never brought up again. The wedding happened and she smiled in all the pictures. I wonder now if she ever told her husband that I had disclosed some party information. And I wonder if it was ever used evidence in any little squabbles they may have had. They are still happily married by the way--I just saw them over the summer.

My brother says I should have been banned from any bachelor parties for ten years for opening my mouth. In fact he pesters me about whether or not I told any females about his bachelor party.

And now almost 10 years later, you get this boring post from a memory jogged by the bachelor party scene of Fantastic Four.


  • ;)

    I haven't seen the latest Fantastic Four...guess I should check it out.

    By Blogger KatieBelle, at 9:02 PM  

  • If I ever get hitched, we're having a party which will include guys and gals. I wouldn't want strippers either. Just good friends, booze and silly fun. I've heard some wild stories about bachelor parties. One story included the bridegroom being forced to be paraded around town in a thong, drink large quantities of alcohol, and travel to a strip joint in a bus loaded with other horny men. Let's just say that it was VERY naughty. I felt dirty just hearing about it.

    By Blogger The Egg, at 11:07 PM  

  • Fantastic Four: 2, Shrek 3 and Ocean's Thirteen. Add up all those numbers and you get 22. Food for thought.


    By Anonymous whatigotsofar, at 8:47 AM  

  • Oceans 13 was far fetched but entertaining...
    Whatever happens at the bachelor party, stays at the party
    I'm secretly glad that you told on him though

    do you ever get winter SAD?

    By Blogger TK Kerouac, at 11:27 AM  

  • My husband was invited to go to his cousin's bachelor party in Vegas and knowing his cousin, I told him flat out, hell no. I think that it's for some things to happen at a bachelor party but if something that a bride was expecting to be there then why not say it. But if ther was cheating going on, I don't know, it depends on how well you know the person to say something like that. I guess it's to each his own or her own.

    By Blogger Drywall Mom, at 11:45 AM  

  • Huh. I didn't realize bachelor parties were so hush hush. I didn't even have one, and I've never been to any, so there you go. I'm not sure what I would have said, but I'm also not the kind of guy that would have strippers over for my theoretical party.

    By Blogger The Duck, at 2:06 PM  

  • No harm, no foul.

    By Blogger Mr. Shife, at 9:25 PM  

  • Those are all good movies.
    Hey, don't worry about that bachelor party now....but those are good questions of wonderment that you brought up!
    Have a great week Angel.
    Lee Ann

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 9:55 PM  

  • Who's bachelor party doesn't include strippers? Hey lets go watch the ball game at the local bar. Punch your brother in the arm for me. Just don't tell what else happened and you are fine!

    By Blogger Big Ben, at 9:56 PM  

  • I shake my head on bachelor's party with strippers BUT I disapprove of it more if it's arrange by the groom-to-be himself!

    Yeah, I'm really opinionated like that :-p

    By Blogger missy, at 1:14 PM  

  • Hah - that's pretty funny - maybe this is yoru guilty conscious all these years later!

    By Blogger Princess Extraordinaire, at 1:38 PM  

  • um, ya, so your a bit of a blabber mouth it turns out hey?

    By Blogger cher, at 6:45 PM  

  • I've heard FF2 is an improvement on the first, so it's on my list. In the meanwhile, I've got four other movies sitting on my coffee table that I HAVE to get around to watching before Christmas...

    By Blogger Doug, at 11:08 AM  

  • Your brother is right. You violated mna law 612.b. Thou shall not disclose any deatails of a fellow testosteronian's activities to any estronian under any circumstances.

    The punishment is severe. You must leave at least a dozen Playboys for fatherless boys to discover since they are denied the oppurtunity of a proper education at home.

    By Blogger Travis Erwin, at 4:59 PM  

  • I haven't seen any of those movies you mentioned

    Hmm you want to come to my bachelor party? You have to agree to wear duct tape for at least 2 weeks after though

    By Blogger Phats, at 5:10 PM  

  • Say what you will about bachelor parties.

    Bachelorette parties are FAR FAR FAR WORSE.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 8:25 PM  

  • You're such a push-over!

    Bros before hoes! :P

    By Blogger AaroN, at 10:49 AM  

  • Have a great week Angel!

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 1:53 PM  

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