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Friday, October 02, 2009

Anything Fried Taste Better

I'm convinced that if you fry any type of food it taste better.

On the Travel Channel I was watching a show called Deep Fried Paradise...and it made my stomach do the good kind of somersaults, you know the kind that make you want to stuff your face.

They were showing different types of fried foods. They showed a restaurant that started out making fish and chips, but eventually was deep frying pizza!! How much yummier can you get than that? This restaurant is in New York, so when I go to visit my friend Mulan (this isn't her God given name, but I'm going to call her Mulan forever) this will be the first stop I make. And I'm getting a couple slices of the deep fried pizza.

I know that it's all bad for you. I know that I shouldn't be eating this kind of food. I know that it hinders my exercise routine. One day, I had some Chinese take-out and I was sluggish on my run. It took me almost 18 minutes to run a mile. 18 minutes!! But the thought of eating like this makes my mouth water. And so, just that once, when I go to visit Mulan, I'm going to eat a couple slices of deep fried pizza and top it all off with a deep fried twinkie.


  • Haha, too funny. I can't eat too much fried food (makes me unwell), but the occasional portion of fish and chips is like manna from heaven!


    By Blogger Claire, at 8:11 AM  

  • I actually heard that some state fair had Deep Fried Butter ona stick. Talk about an artery clogger

    By Blogger Rocketstar, at 10:26 AM  

  • Fried ice cream is also good! I had enough fried stuff at the fair. Then I got sick and lost all the weight. But then I got better and ate the food at work...HA remember that grease?

    By Blogger The Egg, at 12:50 AM  

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