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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Almost There

It's officially less than a week till I take my Step Two exam. Like I've mentioned before it falls on Friday the 13th. It's gotta be lucky right? Plus the fact that my niece and God-daughter Nikki Lee has her birthday on that day too. How much more luck can I have. I'm not superstitious, haven't cut any chicken's heads off and danced naked in the moonlight to ward off any bad luck. I've just put my best foot forward and I'm praying for the best--especially to St. Jude, the saint of impossible causes. I've always been an impossible cause, so to him I will turn!!!

My friend Mondeep, who has a blog hasn't written in awhile, so I don't feel so bad. She's very up-to-date and always has an entry. Of course she does have a better excuse than I do--she's traveling cross-country with her husband Josh (from San Francisco to New York). I think they should have already completed their trek.

My excuse is that I don't really have anything on my mind except this exam. And I don't want to bore you with those details---or the current frenzy that wreaks havoc in my head everytime I think about it. It's quite frightening! Anyway, I should have normal topics to talk about once I get this out of the way. Until then, please keep checking in on me from time to time. I promise to be better about keeping this up to date.


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