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Sunday, August 08, 2004

What An Accent

I was flipping between "Fox and Friends" and "Headline News" this morning while getting my treadmill time done. I never watched "Fox and Friends" during the weekend, it's usually during the week. The normal weekday trio was replaced by a different threesome. It was okay, except for the bit with Bow Wow--the famous rapper, actor, entrepeneur, who came on to promote his new movie.
During the interview, he had expressed some of his accomplishments which were incredible for an adolescent of only 17. He had a career in music, film and had started a clothing line. After he had talked about his accomplishments, the blonde "Fox and Friends" anchorman said, "You got it going on" and then did some sort of chorea-jerking arm move. I was completely floored and almost offended for Bow Wow. What was this anchorman thinking, who doesn't talk like this normally. Was he trying to gain acceptance or "fit in"? It's not junior high, you don't have to blend--it is morning news.
It reminded me of a story my friend Saint had told me about her first day of medical school. All the students were asked to introduce themselves. Saint said there was one guy who was walking around politely introducing himself to everyone. When he got to her, held his hand up in a high five position and said, "Wassup?". Okay, so much for having attained mega education.
The great thing about life in the U.S. is that it allows every person to be themselves. So people just be natural. You don't have to imitate to show acceptance. Just be yourself!


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