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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Funyun Dipping

I've recently been on my treadmill a lot more lately than usual. Mostly it's therapeutic, alleviates the stress of study and the stress of waiting for my exam results. And mostly because I want to desperately get rid of this weight that I have put on since my sem-sedentary life of sitting at a desk memorizing random facts--which will help me get thru an exam.

A lot of times the weight is my problem, my fault really. I have snacked a lot--shoved things down my throat that shouldn't be there. My favorite dish-- Funyuns dipped in cheddar cheese dip (mild flavor is awesome, gives them that edge). So I think my weight gain is a result of this recipe for "fat"! My fault! So should I make a documentary that eating Funyuns will result in weight gain? No, I think I'd like to keep this awesome alternative to chips on the shelves. Everything should be in moderation right? This is why I didn't feel that Supersize Me was a very fair documentary. No one eats McDonald's three times a day, supersizing their meals each time. And if they did, yeah, all that food would have to end up someplace--mainly a females thighs or a males abdominal area. It's just logical. So I'll leave the Funyun people alone. A-because I love Funyuns and B-because eating them had no correlation to my weight gain. Even if I did eat them almost daily. My weight gain was due to a laziness and lack of diet balance.

I'll end here as I've gotta read some before I hop on the treadmill for my afternoon stint. I may do some extra miles since my dinner group goes to a chinese buffet tomorrow for our weekly meeting of minds. I look forward to these weekly meetings. They are fun, without expectation. And I get to practice my social skills. Something that doesn't happen with my review books!


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