Shaken Not Stirred

Monday, September 06, 2004

Stormy Weather

What is with all the storms brewing? Enough is enough mother nature! I think the Floridians are due for a rest!

And today on the news, I saw a story about a looters getting arrested for robbing homes and small convenient stores. What are they thinking? Isn't it enough that these catastrophies have destroyed these properties, but then to steal from them too? I can't believe someone who have the deranged mentality of profiting from someone else's loss. These are the people who will truly be judged!

On that note, I know I always talk about some song I heard on the radio or saw on CMT. I again saw the "Feels Like Today" video by Rascal Flatts. Anyway, the song is about something good happening to people and that the good will happen soon. The video is about a photographer who goes around taking picutres of seemingly lonely people and then giving them the photograph. Only when the person views the photograph, there are other people in the photos too--family members, children, friends and loved ones. So I guess my message for today is...something good will happen. Just weather the storms, batton down the hatches, ride it out. There is a rainbow somewhere along the coast!


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