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Friday, December 24, 2004

Student Driver

Have people forgotten to drive? While driving home from the mall, I had to switch lanes, a car in the opposite lane behind me wanted to come into my lane, so as we were getting ready to switch, the car in front of me came to almost a complete stop--on the freeway--and I swerved before I could hit him. Luckily the car behind, switching into my lane, also noticed the guy's almost slowed to a turtle crawl pace. We made the switch without any bangs or dents. When I looked over at the guy driving the car--he wasn't drunk, he wasn't blind, he wasn't in any trouble. What was he doing? He was dialing a number on his cell phone. Yup, in the middle of the frickin' freeway, dialing away, took his eyes off the road to check out his keypad!!!!!

Then as I was coming off the freeway, at an intersection, a car had blocked my oncoming traffic!!! Could she not see that she was going to block our half of the road? What was her hurry? I mean afterall, her lane was going to be stalled by the on-coming train anyway. Do people just not think anymore?

Okay, I know I'm suppose to write something nice since today is the 24th. But these events happened yesterday, so my anger didn't fall on a holiday. In fact today was a really good day. My father of course, did his last minute shopping for my mother and sister. They are the only two who get gifts from him at Christmastime, the two ladies of his life. We luckily went to one of the boutiques my mother frequents (Schwabe-May), so they knew what he should get and what accessories and shoes she already had to go with what he was buying. And they had also anticipated his last minute arrival, so they were pretty prepared!! You gotta love helpful sales people and their attention to their customers!!! Kudos to Lisa and Emily at Schwabe-May in the Charleston Town Center!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!


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