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Friday, November 26, 2004

The Holidays

Last Friday, I heard my first Christmas song on the radio. One of the local stations 100.9 played Christmas music all weekend long. It was great!!! Well for me anyway, I love Christmas music.

Yesterday was a long awaited Thanksgiving dinner. This years dinner was held at my cousin Peachy's home. Her kids (my favorite nephew Marc, God-daughter Nikki and Lauren) all insisted that it be a completely traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Filipinos have a way of modifying things to suit their taste. While I went to medical school in the Philippines, even the McDonalds was not traditional McDonalds. They had this burger called the McDo, which tasted like---I have no idea what, and then they also served rice with some of their meals. Anyway, my wonderful nephews and nieces asked that there be nothing on the table that wasn't served for the first Thanksgiving dinner. So Peachy obliged.

The food was awesome. The turkey, basted well and a ham, which was to die for. Lauren made a greenbean casserole (with the help of Cambells cream of mushroom) which I had several servings and now I need to run off. We also had apple pie and pecan pie for dessert.

The best part of it all, was getting to spend time with my cousins. Yes, I know a cheesy ending to a story which ran in different directions. But my mind runs in different directions, so I always digress.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy birthdays to my dear Simi Bhullar M.D., who celebrates today! A Happy Birthday to an old college buddy Jamie Sterenberg who will celebrate his birthday on the 28th.


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