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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Diet Friendly Medicine

I saw a commercial the other day for a cough drop which claimed to be able to clear congestion and cough enough for a man to go skiing. The commercial then had some sort of tag-line which was something like "cut the carbs...etc". Wow, even medication has jumped the diet bandwagon. Not that I'm complaining. When I was on the Adkins diet I was such a fanatic that even the slightest carb count would send me into a dizzying frenzy. I cut out as much as I could, choosing even breath mints which were sugar and carb free. I can't believe I let myself live with such an eating regime.

Anyway, Christmas is closing in upon us. I've done no Christmas shopping, well except for buying my nephew Xavier a Geo-Tracks train set. This thing looks really fun. And I bought my niece Jada a neon-light gumball machine, just cause it looked so funky. I've sent out my Christmas cards already, to those who have sent me their street addresses. I don't do email holiday greetings. They can be personalized, but something about writing out the Christmas cards has an uplifting holiday spirit magic to it.

A happy birthday to my cousin Peachy Lee who turns her secret age on the 10th, my cousin Chris Amores who also celebrates on the 10th. My medical school buddy Jonathan Cortes celebrates on the 15th and my other medical school pal Didi Domosolyo who celebrates on the 14th. A belated birthday wish to my roomie Butch Alvarez, who is stressing due to upcoming boards, so I don't think he'll be celebrating this year. He turned something on the 8th.


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