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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Annoying Commercials

I just had to write. I have the radio on in the background while I study, it helps break the silence which can be nerve wracking during a stressful period of reading something I can't memorize or find a way to understand in a more simplistic way. However, tonight I can't get this annoying jingle out of my head. There is a lawyer, I'm not sure if she is from Charleston or not, but she has these commercials which have been playing for awhile, with a jingle (I have no idea why she approved of it) that is quite ridiculous. Anyway, because of the jingle, I've decided that if I ever need a lawyer, she will not be it, based on the fact that she couldn't even discern a bad jingle from a good one. My friends and I have often wondered what pushed her to choose this commercial. It's a topic of conversation that comes up whenever we talk about anything that gets on our nerves.

Okay, enough negative stuff. On a more positive note, my friend Mondeep wrote a really good blog entry about how kind her New York neighbors have been to her. Her entry can be found at


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