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Friday, December 03, 2004

Barber/Best Friend

Hi, I know it's been awhile. No excuses, maybe just laziness...or lack of interesting topics to write about. Not that I've been bored, but my life has been quite humdrum lately.

I noticed the other week, while getting a haircut that I tell my barber quite a bit about myself. Well, he's not a barber, so much, more a salon manager/stylist. But I think of him as a barber since I just say "cut it, short and neat". So there isn't much styling to do with it. But it does look good when I leave the place. After I come home, shower (to get all that hair off me), wash it and "gel" it, it doesn't look the same. I end up looking wind-blown.

Anyway, for some reason, it's easy to talk to this rather, but not really random person. But it isn't like I would call him about a problem. I've got Saritha for that purpose. I just found it odd that he really listens (or is it the tip that I give him). Because whenever I go in there, he always asks, "how'd that work out?", referring to something that I've told him about before. Maybe all stylists have that gift of gab, that very characteristic that many of us of lack, the part of the conversation that entails listening to the other person. Well, he got gift. I think it's nice that he is concerned.

I'm not saying he'll be best man at my wedding, or even invited. I'm just saying that it's nice that an almost complete stranger would take the time out to listen.


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