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Thursday, April 14, 2005

No Laughing Matter

I heard on the radio this morning the clips from a 911 call that caused some controversy. Apparently a woman called distressed about her daughters fighting out of control. The dispatcher responded with something like "do you want us to shoot her". I have no idea what possessed him to say something like that. He continued on, after he had realized that he made a HUGE blunder with "it was a joke". Emergencies are not a joke buddy! If you want to make jokes, work for Comedy Central. I know that it may not have seemed like an emergency to him (two daughters fighting, one of them age 12). But you can't assess a situation from just the phone call. They should have sent out someone to do that. I hope that this dispatcher has learned something from this and that 911 srutinizes their hiring process a little better next time. They need to make a strict rule of "no comedians need apply".

Other news also made me cringe. The lattest about the abortion clinic bomber. His reasoning doesn't make sense. His actions just don't fit someone who is trying to save lives. He kills innocent people to make a stand? That is so cowardly and such crap. You cannot do harm in order to do good. Why would you harm others in order to get a point across? You will further alienate those you are trying to save.

Anyways, I would like to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Saritha Korunkonda! She turns an age today (I know she wouldn't like her age posted). Happy Birthday!


  • you sir/mam are a panty waist. The police and emergencey services are not nannies. If a parent can control their children, the state should imprison the parent and give the kids to someone who gives a damn about the responsibility of raising/caring for a child.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 PM  

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