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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Barter System

On the radio this morning, they reported a news story about a man who tried to buy a home delivered pizza with pot. The story said that the delivery man brought the pizza to the door, was answered by the customer in his skivies, and the customer took the pizza and then started searching his home for money. When the customer couldn't find any, he tried to pay for the pizza with pot. When the delivery man said he needed either cash or the pizza back, the customer then pushed and punched the deliver man.

I don't know about you, but first of all, in order to barter, you have to have something that someone wants to trade for. Second of all, I know sex sells, but know your audience. One broke, volatile man in his tighty whities (not sure what kind of underwear they were, but from the sounds of the story, this is what my imagination concocted) does not a picture ad make. Third of all, what were you thinking giving away drugs? Again know your audience!!!!

I think I squeezed out all I could from this story. I'm not sure if the story is on the net yet. But maybe you'll hear it sometime today.

Happy Birthday to my friend Sheiryll Schoff! She's a gorgeous and may I say buff woman!!!! She's got a degree in physical therapy and works out constantly. I'm not trying to sell her cause she is already taken, but just wanted to let you know that some perfection does exist! She celebrates on May 4th!


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