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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Watch Some Disney

Since I've got young nephews and nieces, the DVDs that are mostly watched are the Disney ones. And as simple as these shows may be--although they've come a long way (A Bugs Life or Toy Story) they do incorporate age old lessons in them.

Since the release of Bambi on DVD, we've watched this show several times. I don't think that my nephews quite grasps the ending, but he likes the color and the helium based voices of the characters. One of my favorite characters is Thumper, an outspoken bunny. He tends to blurt out what's on his mind and then gets gently reminded by his mother a lesson that I think we all must remember. She makes him say several times, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Easier said than done for many, who have taken pessimistic views, or for those so wrapped up in themselves and their own woes that they fail to acknowledge the struggles of those around them.

Sometimes comments made without sensitivity can cut deeper than the speaker thinks. Although they may have felt that it was casual banter, the implications may be lasting and may have made a break in the bridge that first connected the two. But with this last sentence, I must also further go into human etiquette and say sometimes we have to forgive small trespasses in order to get on with our day as well. So it goes both ways--one Zips it and the other looks the other way.

The moral of today's blog? Enjoy a DVD with a friend--watch something simple. Simple gifts are the best ones.


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