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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Environmental Disturbance

Lately I've been sitting in lectures--hence my lack of entries for the last couple weeks. You know, I normally having something to say, even if it's really about nothing.
Anyway, before I take you on some random tangeant and never get to my point, I'll digress back to the topic that I came here to write about. It was a person's environment. In medical school, one of the things we learned about autistic children is that stability and sameness was important to them. As an example, a professor said a parent should never go in and change the child's room while they were in there, it could cause havoc.
I think I realized I was the same way. When people come into a lecture hall, they tend to situate themselves in the same local that they started with. If on Monday, they were in the front row, they remain there till the end of the week. Me, I got bumped early in the course and had to find new seating arrangements. Fine with me, I took the extreme front, a place most people don't like. But for two days straight I griped and groaned.
Today, the third week into the lectures, the two girls behind me, Bianca Greenwood and Shyla Penarosa moved. For the first half hour or so, I was unable to concentrate. I had to get settled into the new environment. Hopefully now that I've re-established myself with the newness, they won't move back!!!!
Have a good day. I know the entry was boring, but you know I haven't had contact with the outside world for so long!


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