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Monday, May 09, 2005

scandals, scandals everywhere, but not a moral to learn

You know, in the wake of some of the new scandals, we have forgotten some of the more important news stories. For example, do we really want to know about an alleged love affair brewing between Brad and Angelie? Is it really so interesting? I think the people hurt are those affected by the front page display of affection between the two celebrities and also their loved ones. Or what about the recent claims of the fallen American idol and one of the panel judges? I don't think her "help"/"encouragement" helped him at all, after all he was knocked off the list at number 9. Plus can a judge get callers to call in for one of the stars. He claims he has to get this "guilt" off his conscience. I think he wants to get his book deal off the ground!

There is so much more going on in the world, and we are more interested in small trivial stories, which don't affect the outcome of our lives. We don't learn anything from them, we shouldn't lose sleep over them, nor are they anything that our children or grandchildren will be choosing on a future multiple choice exam.

I have to admit that I was drawn into one of the stories lately. I even stayed up way past my bedtime to watch a special about it. I was curious and was trying to discern for myself the validity of the "claims" by one of the scandal participants. I even discussed this story in length with one of my friends, claiming that the participant's story held no water--it couldn't because there were too many holes. I think my friend yawned at my explanation and then tried to change the subject. Although I don't think she meant to change the subject. We both railroad our conversation so much that I think it was par for the course. It something that we all need to learn to do, railroad our interest towards something that has a more educational route.


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