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Friday, May 27, 2005

Reality Check

On Wednesday, my review class took a break to watch the "American Idol" get crowned. Everyone waited in bated breath with their opinions of who should receive the title. We were suppose to be studying carcinomas and EKG's. We were watching Fox to see the results of tied up phone lines and millions of texts sent thru the airwaves.

Carrie Underwood took the title, beating Bo Bice. My class was neither torn, nor happy. Some had even predicted that Carrie would get it.

The point is the break was taken just to take the break. We used the show as an excuse not to sit down with our notes and to just relax. Although I did not find it relaxing the next day in class when Dr. Francis pelted questions our way. One student rose to the occassion though---Miasha won her group's showdown challenge (won 6 bucks for each of her mates) answering every question in less than 1 second!!!! And she watched all two hours of "American Idol"!!!

Bottom line--take a BREAK!


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