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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ever Get That Feeling Someones Right Behind You

One of my friends recently told me that he visited an Amish home. He wasn't technically invited and he didn't know the owners of the home. He paid an admission and toured this home. From the gist of his story, what I got was, an Amish man sold it to a Menninite (sp?) and then it was sold to someone who felt like profitting from the fact that an Amish family had once lived there. Not really sure the history of it all. I thought this was somewhat bizzare. Should Catholic and Jewish, Prostetant, Buddhist and Hindi families start selling tickets to tour their homes. Hmm, the oddities that people will pay to see. Much like my fascination with reality television. Doesn't really matter the premise of the show--I've even watched "The Surreal Life" and got hooked. The only reality show, which didn't keep my attention, was "The Benefactor" with Mark Cuban. From the moment he walked onto the show and introduced himself as the "benefactor", I tuned it out. I think so did the rest of the world.
Back to my original topic, I was wondering why people pay to tour some famous person's home. It's not like we don't get a glimpse into their lives anyway--look at all the resources we can get---US Magazine, In Touch, People, the Enquirer. I would feel weird being in someone's home that I wasn't invited into. It's a little creepy if you think about it, like you are stalking them or something. I can sort of understand a historical place, like the White House or the home where Anne Frank's family live in seclusion, but some random home like the home of a former Amish family? It wasn't even like it was the home of one of those Amish kids that ventured out to L.A. to be on that reality show (Amish in the City).
I guess to each their own. Why not save a few bucks and just peep into their windows or go thru their trash? At least you can see what the owners are like, when they aren't prepared for "guests".


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