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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Things That Go Bump In The Night

My mother loves these musical clocks. She's got one in her home in West Virginia and one in her home in Florida. The clocks aren't that beautiful or unique in any other way, except for chiming out music every hour, on the hour. And it's an eerie sounding sort of chime too--like old grandfather clocks, except to the tune of "Memory", "Moon River" and "Top of the World". At night, it can sound really scary, especially if you are alone in the house.
One time Saritha and I were talking on the phone and the one in West Virginia happened to chime. I don't remember the tune, but Saritha responded by saying, "I'll wait". I was wondering what she meant by that--"I'll wait"? So I asked her what she meant and she said "wasn't that your cell phone?". She had thought the sound was coming from my cell. Now first of all, I don't like cell tunes--completely annoyed by people who do have cell phones that sing. And secondly, if I did choose a cell tune, it certainly wouldn't be one that sounded like a 1970's B-flick movie. When I told her what made the sound, she burst out laughing.
Anyway, according to my Mother, she said these clocks were a "rage". And I guess they sell pretty quickly, cause the store that she gets them at, has sold out. This is the reason that there was a gap between her purchases. She was thinking of buying two more, one for my brother's home and one for my sister's home. I know for a fact that my sister didn't like it. The chimes use to wake her children when they took naps while visiting. I'm not sure about my brother.
To make a long story short, what happened to clocks that just told time. And are there dancing clocks to compliment these singing ones?


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