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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mind Altering, Body Altering

Yesterday, while studying some psychiatry and some pharmacology, I reflected on that day when Matt Lauer was told by Tom Cruise that Matt didn't understand mental illness and also of the time he said something about Brooke Shields and her use of drugs for post-partum depression.
And yes everyone is entitled to their beliefs and their understanding of the way the world works. One of my professors, Dr. Francis always says, educated opinions should be presented with these following words..."from what I read and understand....". Which is true, it's really a matter of what we understand when reading any material. One person may walk away making all the connections (I've got faulty wiring, so I make only some of the connections, the rest of the switches turn on opposite aspects), while another may see something completely opposite to what the author was trying to convey.
While I was studying pharmacology, I was thinking, these drugs can alter certain pathways and block certain body enzymes. These body enzymes when blocked, will alter a person's sensorium. So if there were an alteration in the body due to an illness, a dysfunction, then the cure or at least a palliative reprieve could be gotten by blocking that enzyme causing the grief, the illness, malady or what-have-you.
Let's face it, we all know that there are drugs out there that can potentially make someone seem crazy, relaxed, or outgoing (depending on how a person perceives the effect). So in turn, there have to be drugs that can also alter for the good of a person. As a future physician and Christian, I believe that these medicines were created by God for that sole purpose of the cure.
And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just stating mine.


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