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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Angels Among Us

I've always had a fascination with angels. From my earliest memory, I've formed this picture in my head that they wore long flowing white gowns, had golden hair and played some sort of instrument. The thing that separated them the most was their wings!! These beings had wings whiched helped carry them from one place to another, wherever they were needed.

As I've grown older and as Hollywood created more modern versions, this image has changed. It has now taken a more human form, sans the wings, halo and flowy white gown. The angel looks like anyone else, except for the fact that their goal is to primarily help other people thru their struggles. The angel has become the Red Cross Cross, various other charities, friends and family.

There is a song by Alabama that I love!!! It's called Angels Among Us. You should listen to it sometime. It reminds you that we are indeed lucky when we've got someone willing to stick their necks out for us. I've certainly had my share of angels. And I someday hope to be an angel for someone else.

God Bless!


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