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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Double Rinse

I noticed yesterday while showering that you kinda need to double rinse everything. Like one shampoo isn't really going to clean everything up. This was after working up a healthy sweat on the treadmill--a really healthy sweat, like it was pouring out of every pore non-stop. Anyway, I shampooed my hair once and then rinsed. But I could still feel that I wasn't completely clean, so I shampooed again. This time it felt clean.
I also did this with the soap. I cleaned once to get the dirt and sweat off and then I cleaned a second time for the full clean effect.
I normally usually clean twice. But yesterday is when I really noticed that I went through this routine. I am not sure when I started this ritual, I just noticed it yesterday, maybe because I felt extra dirty.
I remember one time my buddy telling me that his ex-girlfriend use to be able to shower in less than five minutes. That's pretty quick. I would think that it would take that long to wash her hair (her hair was long). Did she really get clean all that clean? Kinda grosses me out now that I think about it.
Anyway, I was just wondering if I go to hygiene extremes--but I really do feel the first soap and rinse just washes the grime off. The second soap and rinse is where the cleanliness comes in.
Happy Birthday to Dr. Fritzie Saavedra who will celebrate her birthday on the 8th.


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