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Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Distorted View of Reality

Awhile back, one of my friends and a fellow blogger started to record their dreams. This made me also go out and buy a blank book--which accordingly has a cover painted with the words "dreams" on it--and record my own dreams. I did this for about three months and then stopped. I recently started recording my dreams because I would wake up remembering the strange "dream-like" quality of them. Some of them have really been strange.

For instance, in one I was in a garage eating Tidy Cat Chips which resembled Doritoes, but after a second glance into the bag were actually blue and had a funky taste to them. I have no idea what that meant. My friend Saritha later told me that it's a brand they use for cat-litter. So what is the interpretation of eating kitty toilet paper? Another dream I had was a view of Central Park from high above, so high, I could see the montstrous sized turtles swimming in it's lakes. These were huge, massive turtles, which would dive gracefully into the crystal blue waters of Central Park.

I once read that dreams were our minds interpretation of a day's events or our subliminal way to deal with something unconfortable to us. So in that case, could my interpretation be--for the Tidy Cat Chips be that I don't like studying and that jumping thru these hoops are crap? And then for the Central Park thing, could it be that I want to do a residency in New York so badly that I see it as both beautiful and am awestruck by the thought of living in the city. The other Central Park interpretation is cause I read Mondeep's blog lately ( and she wrote about her husband Josh winning an iPod. And that is huge and beautiful news since Mondeep has been wanting one of her own for a long time (and very envious of Josh's iPod).

Are dreams our inner looking glass? Does someone know anything about dreams?


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