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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Map To Neverland

Last night on Will and Grace one of the characters, Jack McFarland got a babysitter (played by Demi Moore). While watching the show, I had thought, wow I want to get a babysitter again (and not in some sick grown man's fantasy, pornographic, with the babysitter in ponytails and daisy dukes). Jack had regressed to a simpler time. A time when things weren't complicated. It's tough to be grown-up and to have to make serious decisions.
I think that is what was so appealing about Peter Pan. He took children to a place where they could roam wild and free and there were no adults to listen to. But I think the irony of Neverland is that because there were no adults, these children had to make their own sort of grown-up decisions. So there is a catch to moving to Neverland.
It's also like that book, "Where the Wild Things Are". Max got to go where no one could tell him what to do. However, he became the adult, if you will, of these Wild Things, and had to control them.
The end point being. There is no escaping responsibility and no escaping adulthood. We should just live with it. Or else hire a babysitter to make the decisions for us. Hehe! I still think the Demi Moore as a babysitter thing is really cool.


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