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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Last night was the premiere of some television shows. Among them, the spin-off from Grey's Anatomy. When I first saw the pilot (shown as part of a Grey's Anatomy two hour special last season), I was not at all interested. It seemed to me another version of one of those teen shows like One Tree Hill or The O.C., but only these people were physicians and were 25 years older than the high school stars of these teen dramas.

But curiosity killed me and I tuned in to watch the premiere. I think I sort of liked it. And I felt bad about this, like I was cheating on Grey's. I realized however they wouldn't be competing with Grey's, but maybe enhancing it? I don't know. I'm going to tune in next week to the show to see if it's going to be one of my viewing choices.

After the show was Dirty Sexy Money. Since I was mostly on the phone with my friend Mulan (her name is Lilly, I just call her Mulan) I didn't really get to listen to what was going on. But it looked interesting none-the-less. Did anyone watch it? Should I have watched Bionic Woman?

But tonight is Grey's Anatomy!! Yay!! Meredith's sister is going to be a new intern!! Let's see what that throws into the mix!!


  • I know I'm so excited for Grey's! I was so offended by the way they forced Private Practice on us last season by sneaking it in to Grey's, I was going to watch it anyway, that I decided to boycott it. Until last night, curiosity got the best of me too. I thought it was fine, Grey's got better after a few episodes, so I'll give this a chance.

    By Blogger murph112, at 10:42 AM  

  • You know what I was going to watch it but I didn't. I didn't want to get hooked on another show when i am finally down to very few I watch. that doesn't mean I won't start watching haha.

    I can't wait for Grey's tonight going to be so good

    By Blogger Phats, at 5:53 PM  

  • I'm limiting the TV time....I used to watch Grey's, but I had to pull the plug.

    By Blogger The Phoenix, at 10:17 PM  

  • I liked the new show...Private Practice. It has enough of the same type of excitement, but is still completely different.
    Hope you have a super weekend, but you must come visit me at the Castle and watch me dance....I am doing it just for you!
    Lee Ann

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 11:18 PM  

  • What did you think of Grey's?

    By Blogger Phats, at 11:49 PM  

  • damn, i missed it! i need a recap. tell all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:51 PM  

  • well, i don't have much to say, being that i live in a bubble, with no cable. but you should check out my new experiment on my blog if you are bored, or during a comercial.

    By Blogger cher, at 3:41 PM  

  • I LOVE greys'......i strangely liked private practice, but then again i love addison.

    i was a bit disappointed with the grey's....maybe cause i had such high expectations?? it moved a bit slow for me. the highlight was at the end where george said "i love you too"

    desperate housewives i'm totally digging, they started their season off with a bang!

    i watch too much tv.


    By Blogger mollymcmo, at 2:02 PM  

  • That's funny you sort of liked Private Practice. I wasn't going to watch it b/c I'm over the Grey's drama and I don't like Addison, BUT there wasn't anything else on and so I found myself watching and sort of liking it as well. So I'll probably end up watching tomorrow night

    By Anonymous nutz, at 9:05 AM  

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