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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

If You Hate People, You Hate God

One of my cousins was in town visiting. She and I can get a little weird when we are together. I remember in college, whenever I would gossip--which was a lot--she would always remind me, "If you hate people, you hate God!". Soon, whenever I would start to criticize or to make remarks about a friend, a passerby, or even a classmate, she would say, "What is our motto?". And I would have to repeat to her, "If you hate people, you hate God". It didn't matter where we were. She would make me say it. I sometimes would say it non-chalantly or under my breath depending on who surrounded us or what situation we were in. Many times we were in the Mountainlair, surrounded by all of our friends.

I think that this motto actually has heart to it. After all, as a strict Catholic, I have learned that God dwells in all of us. So to criticize someone, is to criticize God--and His creations. Carmela definitely had a point. To this day, whenever I start to gossip, she says, "What is our motto". And depending on where I am I either say the motto or whisper it under my breath.

I haven't stopped gossiping though. It's fun. My friend Saritha and I do it all the time. However we aren't vindictive. I mean we don't talk badly about anyone. We just tell each other our opionions of the other. And I don't think our conversations are harmful. Anyone listening to them would just think it's two people going in circles or just babbling on and on about everything, but mainly nothing in general. But they are the best conversations in the world! Better than chocolate or Funyuns with cheese dip.

Until another thought pops in my head... (did I just write about a thought or a melting of one?).


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