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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Little Break

I went to Baltimore this weekend to visit my cousin. Her husband was coming back from Iraq, on leave for two weeks. She threw him a huge party, lots of friends coming in to congratulate him and to also say their thanks for helping to protect the U.S.A.! God Bless our soldiers!

While he was away, Theodore had lost 40 pounds! This was with no effort at all. He said the temperature made him sweat profusely, constantly. Plus he had to walk everywhere he went. I was thinking, maybe I should go to some desert--Death Valley (is that in California?) and sweat all this out too. My cousin Sue and I discussed that she and I were purposely trying to lose weight to no avail. Theodore comes back with a 30 inch waist and tone!

Anyway, on Saturday night, we went to Cheesecake Factory at the Inner Harbor. Really good food. I have new favorites Buffalo Blasts and Godiva Chocolate Chessecake. See those two menu choices are the very reason I can't lose the weight. If you have a chance though, try those menu items from The Cheesecake Factory!

A big happy birthday to my friend Dr. Csilla who turned, hmmm, on Sept 17th and Chip whose birthday is on Sept 16th. My cousin Irene and Theodore celebrated their 5th anniversary on Sept 18th. Tim Hersh also celebrated his birthday on Sept 15th. My niece Jada turned 7 on September 19th. And Dr. David Basco will celebrate a birthday on Sept 22 (I'll say happy birthday to you again David! How's Clare?). I think that's all I have to celebrate for this week. If I forgot you, sorry!


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