Shaken Not Stirred

Friday, September 10, 2004

Sideline Coach

While watching the Jennifer Capriati and something something something Dementieva match, I kept screaming at the televison like a madman! I know Capriati was doing her best and there is no way, even in my dreams, will I ever play like her. So why was I screaming like I knew what was best for her? She eventually lost! I lost my voice and my composure on the treadmill!
Anyway, she played an awesome match! She is still my favorite. Capriati has come such a long way. And in her own life, beaten the demons of her past! Way to go Jen! You'll get them next year!
She said in an interview that she was thankful for getting second chances again, and again and again. She said it was that dynamic smile too. I think her strength to come back is something that every person needs. Everyone gets those second chances again and again and again. Grab them! And see what comes of it.
Congrats Ms Capriati! You are a pure champion!


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