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Monday, October 11, 2004

Columbus on Columbus Day Weekend

I drove up to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend. My cousin Carmela was turning 30! She's got an awesome life, awesome friends, and an awesome town to have both in. Her party was thrown in her friend's backyard in German Village. Quaint little place. Anyway the weekend was great.

Another great part of the weekend was seeing my friend Simi. She's doing her fellowship in Kentucky, so she drove up to see me! Putting her sister's engagment party as a follow-up to our dinner at this place called Barcelona's--great atmosphere, great salad, I don't have much to say about the crabcakes.

On Saturday, I went to this bar called FrogBearWildBoar(or some sort of amphibian, mammal, mammal). An awesome coverband played there--The Websters--who by the way have their own website. You can get their album there--I highly recommed it. Oh, the website is Click on it and take a listen to their album. I already ordered it. But they were amazing. I wasn't enjoying the night so far--having to wrestle with my First Aid for the USMLE study guide. Very annoyed. And then my cousin Monique took me to the college bar--sticky floor, lots of sweatshirts and more sticky floors. And then the band started playing. Was amazed.

On Sunday we took the day off, went to church. Then we celebrated my other cousin, Brandie's birthday at El Vaquero. A Mexican restaurant I always frequent when in Cincinnati. Get the Cuco's Special (#170) on the menu.

After stuffing my face, I checked out Easton. I'll bring some cash and a credit card the next time I go!

Okay, I'm not good at describing places to go, places to eat or places to check out. I guess that's why I'm not on the travel channel.

Happy Birthday to one of my college buddies Steve Hersh (who'll turn thirty something on the 12th) and my medical school buddy David Hurst (who'll turn 30 something on the 12th also). Have a good day guys!


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