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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

This Just In.....

I was watching a cable news channel today, one of their more late breaking stories didn't concern the war in Iraq, election updates or even the hurricane aftermath in Florida. This story was the breaking of patient-doctor confidentiality. The story which will be more fully explained on sunday in a special, was about the late John Kennedy's medical records and the medication he supposedly received. This, after 40 years, is of concern to the public? Isn't there something more pressing? Kennedy was treated for his Addisons disease, but supposedly got other medication also. I think that after 40 years, the public would just see this as gossip and not important news.

Also in the news was the 28 students who were arrested after fighting. Why are these students fighting among theirselves? Isn't it bad enough that our country is fighting another nation? Why create a rift here at home? I think in this time of war, we need to band together, rather than create a weak link.

Last night I watched the show, "The Benefactor". I lost interest after I realized the underlying premise of the show was "lets see how we can please this very rich man who wants to make us his playthings". All these people are doing whatever this wealthy man wants them to do so that he'll give them a million dollars. The first man to get kicked off the show lost his chance (the benefactor dude doesn't say "you're fired", he says "you've lost your chance at a million dollars" because he said something like "I hope this game isn't stupid". The benefactor didn't like that at all. He didn't like that someone thought the show was stupid). So the benefactor gets to kick people off the show based on the fact that he doesn't like them. No other panelist, no other judges. It's all based on whether or not he thinks they have it to become successful. Let's face it, if they had it to become successful, without his judgement, they would already have the million dollars, rather then do cartwheels for him.

God Bless! Have a great day!


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