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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Are You Kidding Me?

I had "The Apprentice" as background noise while I was doing some internet work. Since my computer completely faces a different direction than the television, I couldn't take a quick glance, but could hear the conversation of two of the apprentice wanna-bes. Okay, I was playing a computer game--Zuma--and couldn't look away for fear one of the marbles would roll in the hole. Anyway, their task this week was to open a restaurant and get the best reviews. Anyway, the restaurant run by the guys was going through a rough bump. A group of men eating at the restaurant were complaining about some of the food. One of the apprentice wanna-bes told one of the other ones that the group of men were gay and they needed to do something about it. He suggested that the one wanna-be go over to their table and bend over to tie his shoe. This "picturesque" answer to the men's complaint was to subdue them and make them complain less. What in the world? Is that suppose to work. It sounds like a scene from one of those cheesy late night cable "soft-porn" flick scenes. I hope that the wanna-be got scolded for his assumption and then for his suggestion for getting out of the hot-spot.

I can't believe some of the things said on television.


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