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Thursday, October 07, 2004

What Does "No" Really Mean?

My 2 year old nephew loves the word "no". I'm not quite sure he really knows what it means, but he says it all the time. He'll ask for milk and when you offer him his bottle, he says "no". But then he takes the bottle from your hand. The only time he hasn't used the word is when he is offered cheetoes. When offerred those little delectable delites, he runs off to the part of the kitchen where he knows they are located, bouncing on his toes trying to reach the bag.

I guess it really is a stage that children go thru...the "no" stage. I just thought it was something made up so that the writers of family sit-coms and comics like Family Circle could have story-lines. But Xavier says "no" all the time. "Give me a kiss"---"no!". Do you want to take a nap---"no". Let's watch Bob the Builder---"no". To get his off his no spurt, I ask if he wants cheetoes, to which he does a three-sixty and then runs to cupboard.

I can't wait till this stage is finished!


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