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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Different World

My cousins came to visit from Columbus, Ohio this weekend. We celebrated my nephew Xavier's 2nd birthday. His birthday is actually on October 6th, but my sister is going out of town and across the nation (to Palm Springs) for a tennis tournament--(nope, not against Jennifer Capriati or Venus Williams, but against other tennis leagues of housewives and working women). So the celebration was a little early.

Anyway, when my cousins came, it was like we lived in a different world. I suddenly became loud (yeah, I'm loud, but I got louder). And it seemed like all my troubles were far, far, far behind me. I also noticed that everyone is in better spirits. My aunt always has a way of making my mother laugh, not just chuckle, but belly-ache laugh. I think it's a gift my Auntie Toots has, she has a way of making everyone laugh. I think more and more, it's all about family and friends. Yes, here it comes, another country song mention--Brooks and Dunne have a song called "That's What It's All About" on their Greatest Hits II album. And their message is...that's what it's all about.

My friend Saritha got a kitten. I'm not sure if she named it yet. So you can post ideas here. I relay them to her. Although a very time consuming gift, animals are definitely a great gift idea. Must make sure the person likes animals first. My roommate Omar got a kitten before he left home--and he loves that cat. He wasn't sure about the rest of his family warming up to it (which they all did), but he brought it home anyway. So pets always work out in the end. My family had a dog for almost 10 years and then we had some cats too. And I never thought my mother was an animal person, but she ended up crying the hardest when our dog passed away.

Okay, a Happy Birthday to Xavier Bohn (my nephew) who'll be 2 on October 6th. Happy birthday to Dr. Saint Adeogba, who'll be on duty on October 8th (she didn't tell me how old she would be) and Happy Birthday to Carmela Delgra, who'll celebrate her 30th on Friday--a party complete with tent!!! I'm sure I'll have an entry before then and I'll shout out to you guys again!
And for anniversaries, Mr and Mrs. John Walsh (or should I say Mrs. and Mr. Annabelle Walsh--since she's my cousin). They celebrate an anniversary on October 7th.

Have a good day!


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