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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Email Address Lists

How did my email address end up on some company's mailing list? Yeah, yeah I know hackers and the like. But it seems my email address ended up on some erectile dysfunction, small penis enhancing vitamin and drug list. Today I got one email (thank God it ended up in my bulk mail) from a company that claimed it can aide those with premature ejaculation. I've gotten email from companies that say that can naturally enhance a penis, while other email ads have claimed to actually increase one's size naturally as well. Being a recent medical graduate (ok, 2 years ago), I've never read anything about this in the literature I've been given to study. I'm still baffled by John Bobbit's working pipes (still blown away by the surgery that corrected that mishap).

There are of course the emails from some guy claiming to have great "Girl on Girl" footage, as well as "Sexy Moms" and "Wife Swapping" pixs. The list is endless. I have never subscribed to anything that would make these people think that I'm interested in such perversion (maybe however they've tapped into my cable box and seen that I've occasionally flipped on the Skinemax channels--"Black Tie Erotica", "Best Sex Ever" and "Hotline" shows. But never really watching them as regularly as I watch "Joey", "C.S.I. Miami, Las Vegas, and New York", "Will and Grace", and "Scrubs". So why don't they send me something about those preferences? Still I wonder how they got my email address. It's okay, I've marked many of the letters as Spam (after I've carefully investigated whether they really are Spam or not). You have to wonder just what is meant by girl on girl action or what Jenny means by live-cam action. Just open and check for viruses first.

Okay, I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my nephew Marc Lee (a sophmore at Wake Forest). He celebrated his 19th birthday on October 17th. I sent him a card, but forgot to post his birthday on my blog! My cousin Ann Walsh, will celebrate her birthday on October 23rd and her daughter Angel will celebrate an 11th birthday on October 21st. Happy Birthday to you guys!


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