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Friday, October 29, 2004

Trick or Treat

Wow, I gave out tons of candy yesterday. I thought I had bought too much, but in fact, I bought too little!

Anyway, it was extremely fun. My favorite costumes of course was my nephew Xavier's Bob the Builder, niece Isabella's Cow and all the Tiggers. I show partial favoritism to Tigger, since I am Tigger--I'm bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, but most of all I'm the only ONE! Even my medical school friend Lilly associates Tigger with me. Ed does too--one Christmas he gave me a Winnie-the-Pooh calendar. So these Tigger dressed trick or treaters got hands full more of candy than the others--I know, well boo-hoo. There is always a second place in every contest! Get over it! You weren't doing the handing out at my household!

I like Halloween, almost as much as I like Thanksgiving. Well, I like the festivity of a Thanksgiving get together, but I don't like the eating part. I could pass on the eating. Not that I'm anorexic or anything (I'll take a bag of Funyuns anytime), but everyone always uses the holidays as an excuse to gorge themselves, stuff themselves silly and suffer heartburn. There is still a price to pay. I'm still paying for years of abuse at the dinning, lunch and snack table. I've been fighting a weight war for years. I win and then lose. I'm determined to win this time.

Anyway Halloween is great. All these people dressing up and walking around from house to house showing their costumes off. Yearly, this guy in my parents neighborhood has been walking around dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween. He creeps out the children (I'm hoping his jollies don't stem from that) and even some of the adults. He just walks around holding a plastic knife, not saying anything or looking at anyone. Almost zombie-like. It's really creepy. But to each their own, maybe that's the way he celebrates Halloween.

Happy Halloween Everyone! Eat an extra candy bar for me. God knows I want it, but I won't allow myself the simple pleasure. A moment of something yummy, leaves a bulging on the tummy!


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