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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

5 K Run

I did my first 5 k run. Yes, I know, it's only 3.2 miles. But I've never really run in my life. I've done like one or two miles a day, since I bought my running shoes--early October. I do one or two miles and then walk the rest of the five. I do five miles a day ( a combination of a job--and that's only one or two miles and walk the rest). So it wasn't like I was breathless when I finished. I finished 139th out of about two hundred. My brother-in-law came in at 166, so I know I wasn't last.

I don't remember what I thought about during the run. Oh yes I did, I know that I didn't want certain people to beat me. I didn't know these people, but I know I didn't want them to beat me. Whether it was the way they looked or the attitude that they exhuberated (is that a word? and if it is, did I use it in the right context?). Anyway, that was part of my motivation to finish. The other was the music I was listening to. You know, an iPod is a great tool to have for a run like this. I was able to switch music without juggling. And music can get you going. My brother-in-law told me that at one point, I just took off. It must have been the music. It does help.

You know what was cool? I saw a lot of teenagers and young children running. This is great. West Virginia has this stereotype of having overweight, unhealthy people. Well, we've got some young-uns that aren't going that route. I'm glad to have seen them out there sweating it all off.

On Thanksgiving Day, I'm doing another 5 K run. I'm excited about this one too. I'm forcing myself to run longer and a little faster to get myself ready for this one. My goal is to finish higher than 139th.


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