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Monday, November 08, 2004

Video Kills Word Of Mouth

One of my latest junk-emails received was "beautiful virgins being banged". Now, first of all why would so girl say, "I'm a virgin, film me being banged". Second of all, how would anyway know otherwise just by watching whether or not the girl still has an intact hymen and unchartered territory? Not really interested in watchng something like that.

It reminded me however of one of my friends telling me that his friend sent him a video of his banging a girl. Why would you send a video of yourself via e-mail doing some chick? Is word of mouth not good enough in this realm? I mean if any of my friends ever decided to send me something like that, my reply would be, "I got laid last night would have sufficed". Really, to place a mental image in my head would be way too much information. I would not be able to look you in the eye, ever again. My head would sway back and forth whenever we engaged in conversation, much like Stevie Wonder's does when he is singing, just so I could avoid eye contact. I don't want that kind of information.

What kind of person--mentally--does it take to send a visual letter like that. First of all, you either never got laid and wanted proof, or else you have no respect for yourself, for the girl or your friends. I definitely wouldn't show my naked ass to my buddies bouncing in rhythmical gyration. Number one, I would hope that none of my buddies want to see my ass, and secondly why would I want them to see my orgasm face?

Remember, prose always beats a painting. A picture maybe worth a thousand words, but most peopel would rather draw the mental picture themselves!


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