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Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'll Buy Anything

I'm the fool who will buy whatever samples they have at the supermarket. Today, while shopping for celery, peanut butter, and batteries, I also bought a box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Sandwiches things. There was an elderly man who asked, "You wanna try a fish, it doesn't have scales". So of course, I tried and then put a box into the basket. I've tried using one of those basket things because it fits less stuff and I think I can walk away with less stuff. Nope, no avail, it always gets filled and heavy.

I'm also worse at the check-out line. If they've got some sort of display going, I am one of those fools that buys right into it. Not worse than my colleague Saint Adeogba though. I was with her at Walmart once, to buy notebooks and in the check-out line, she proceeded to open a bag of beef jerkey nuggets, just because she had never had them. So her notebooks, after her tally, ended up costing about $40. But I do get sucked into the samples, the displays (especially if they are colorful), and also any new gimmick. Just send it my way, it will add to the cupboard clutter. Thank God for nephews and nieces--they usually end up eating the crap. Especially my nephew Chris, he'll eat almost any sort of junkfood.

A Happy Birthday to my niece Danielle Lauren Lee (the 11th, so it's belated), fellow physician Jo Michael Chu, and friend Biva Minosa!!!


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