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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Late Breaking or None of Our Business

I was quite shocked to hear on the news (not going to say which channel) that Mrs. Edwards was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Is this really considered late breaking or is it none of our business. The family was just getting use to the election results and then to announce on television that she had breast cancer. Did the public really need to know this? And what about her family members who found out along with the public and not through the Edwards family themselves. This was a really horrific news story and really not one which needed to be broadcast. The news came a day after the concession speech given by her husband and Senator Kerry. Not at all appropriate.

Speaking of the elections, why do dirty deeds suddenly seem to appear during the eleventh hour. And are these other tabloid stories belong in the newspapers? There are stories of affairs or even other wrong doing by candidates. I say as long as their personal lives don't affect the way they do their jobs, then does it really matter?

I think that journalists need to find other stories... much more appealing stories, the kind that really matter. Maybe then my buddy Saritha will start watching the news again.


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