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Monday, December 27, 2004

Hit Replay

Last night while driving home from my buddy's house, I tuned in to V-100, a local radio station. To my surprise they were no longer playing Christmas music. After one month of playing continous Christmas songs, they were playing regular music once again. Well, not completely regular music--it's an oldies, soft-rock, Delilah kinda of station. The song playing was "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee-Gees. After the song was over, it started again--the same song. I thought maybe the dee-jay was on a pee break, so I didn't flip the station. After the second run, the song started all over again. I thought maybe he/she is on a dump break, so I left the radio on V-100 to see what was going to happen. The song played again--by this time, I was singing along. No one could hear belting out the lyrics at the top of my lungs anyway. I was on Jefferson road--the connection between Kanawha Turnpike and Corridor G. The song continued to replay until I got home and parked. Maybe they were on auto-deejay or something. Maybe he/she fell asleep or was getting some by a groupie. Who knows? I haven't checked back to see if the song was still playing. I did however get to sing the whole song!!!! And without commercial interruption.
I hope you guys had a great holiday! I sure did. My family from all over the east coast--as far north as Toronto and as down south as Georgia came to Charleston. It was fun and exhausting at the same time. But I would trade it for the world. It's cheesy, but that is what Christmas was all about for me--seeing all my cousins, my aunts and uncles, and nephews and nieces. All in all there were like 55 of us hanging out. Quite a number!!!! It was my brother's daughter Isabella and my cousins son Ryan's first Christmas. Two babies in the house!!!! Very fun! The fun part was watching my nephew Kyle dance to Usher's music. The little tyke can dance--he's only 7, but he imitated that video pretty well. My older nephews Bong (who is a Marine, 19 y.o. and will be shipping out in Jan) can also dance--I was surprised, cause he was such a shy child. He's got some funk in him. And everyone else just pretty much drank or chatted.
I look forward to spending our new year's eve party with any of my family that remains. Can't wait to see the dancing that happens that night.


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